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Earthschooling has purchased exclusive copyright, publishing, and distribution rights to Golden Beetle Books from Alan Whitehead and is beyond honored and excited to be continuing the tradition of spreading his wisdom for many many years to come. 

Alan is an educator that inspired me when Earthschooling was started more than 25 years ago. We will do our best to honor everything he stands for and will be re-printing his books in physical print format as well as creating digital editions of all 54 books! 

The Spiritual Syllabus Series, written by Alan Whitehead, Rudolf Steiner teacher, is by far the most comprehensive catalogue of the Rudolf Steiner Education program ever published. There are approximately 43 teaching units detailed in each year - each usually taught in the 3-week 'block' system (as opposed to 'period' teaching) of from 23 to 30 hours. For instance, the Class 3 & 4 Language book below, Logios - Spirit of the Word, the chapter titled 'The 12 Points of Punctuation'' refers to a whole 30-hour unit, as does every other of the 12 or so annotations.

The books cover the four main academic strands of modern schooling. In the spirit of balance so important in Steiner Education, these are Language, Maths, Social Studies and Science.

There are 24 books, 6 in each of 4 subject streams. These provide a full Steiner academic curriculum from Class 1 to 12. Plus there are thirty three other titles by Golden Beetle Books, including A Steiner Homeschool? as well as 28 General Education titles.

About Alan Whitehead

ALAN WHITEHEAD has enjoyed a career in Steiner Education for over four decades. He received his teacher-education at GLENAEON SCHOOL under the tutelage of Miss Sylvia Brose. There he was privileged, in 1967, to be one of the founding teachers of Australia's first Steiner High School, where he was a Class Guardian and Specialist Art Teacher.

He was also a principal founder, and pioneer teacher (of both the Primary and High Schools) of Australia's second Steiner school, LORIEN NOVALIS, in Dural, Sydney. He was Chairman of the school from its 1971 inception, until he left in 1985.

As well, he founded and was the Director of the first full-time Steiner teacher-training facility in Australia, the LORIEN NOVALIS COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION. He was also the convenor of RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOLS OF AUSTRALIA - AN ASSOCIATION, the first and still current national body of Steiner Education, framing the initial policies and principles.

Alan Whitehead now works, with his wife Susan, as an author, social commentator and consultant on Spiritual Science in general, and Rudolf Steiner Education in particular.


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